Save Energy and Help the Planet!

GreenFan® will pay for itself in 3 months of summer or winter use...after that, it is like the utility company writing you a check every month. GreenFan is UL-Listed!

GreenFan is also known as an Efficient Fan Controller® (EFC®) or an Efficient HVAC Fan Controller® (EHFC®). Studies by Southern California Edison and Intertek (an international product certification and testing company) have proven that the patented GreenFan® Efficient Fan Controller® (EFC®) improves cooling and heating energy efficiency by 14 to 16%.

How does GreenFan save energy in heating mode?

In heating mode after four minutes of furnace operation, the GreenFan® EFC® activates the fan relay normally used for cooling and increases fan speed from the low- or medium-speed normally used for heating to the high-speed normally used for cooling to supply more heating capacity to satisfy the space heating thermostat sooner, reduce furnace operation, and save gas energy. The GreenFan® EFC® also recovers more energy from the heat exchanger by operating the fan for a longer period of time after the furnace has turned off to lengthen furnace off time. 

How does GreenFan save energy in cooling mode?

In cooling mode, the GreenFan® EFC® recovers cooling energy from the evaporator by operating the fan for a longer period of time after the compressor has turned off to deliver more sensible cooling capacity to the conditioned space, reduce thermostat temperatures and lengthen compressor off time. 

How does this save you money?  First, you already paid to operate the air conditioning compressor to cool the evaporator coil.  Operating the fan for a few more minutes after the compressor turns off will transfer heat to the cold coil, reduce the supply air temperature and save energy that would have been wasted!  Secondly, water in the air condenses on the evaporator coil much like water condenses on a glass of ice water.  Normally, this water drains away.  It cost you money to pull this water out of the air!  Running the fan re-evaporates this water and cools your house like an energy efficient evaporative cooler. 

How does GreenFan help the environment?

Electric power plants used to generate electricity contribute 41% of US greenhouse gasses.  According to a Pacific Gas and Electric study, if most of the A/C systems in California alone had a 5% increase in efficiency, the state could save the equivalent energy of four 300MW power plants.  The emissions of four coal power plants is about 2,500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per hour.  GreenFan increases the efficiency of your air conditioning system by 15%. Therefore GreenFan could keep 7,500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere per hour.  This is just in California.  GreenFan® EFC® will work in all states.

  • Simple Installation - typically less than 10 to 15 minutes
  • Works with all low-voltage thermostats
  • No batteries required


YouTube Videos:

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Here a two links to technical Work Papers that studied the GreenFan® EFC® from 2012-2013

PG&E Work Paper

SCG Work Paper

Here is a link to the latest GreenFan® EFC® Work Paper

2016 EFC® Work Paper

Here is a link to the copyright information on the PG&E Work Paper.

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