GreenFan® EFC® will work with all kinds of thermostats from the old round Honeywell type to the newer programmable type.  The only common requirement is that the thermostat must have a fan switch.

Homes:  Residences can experience the benefits of GreenFan® EFC® by connecting to all the thermostats in their home. 

Apartments: Individual apartment renters can connect a GreenFan® EFC® to their thermostat and start experiencing monthly savings on their utility bills.  GreenFan can be disconnected when they leave the apartment and reinstalled at a new location.  

Commercial: Large commercial buildings can benefit from GreenFan® EFC® by placing a unit on each thermostat that controls a zone. 

Hotels/Motels:  The benefits for hotels and motels are amplified by the fact that when the guests shower, the moisture is confined to a small area.  This creates a high level of condensation on the evaporator coil which in turn is used to cool the small space of the room. 

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